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ACT Prep Remote Live Class

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Why a remote live class?

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Difference between remote live & online class

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Note: Zoom technology will be used to conduct the remote live classes.

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What is a remote live class?

Jason Franklin will use zoom while teaching an in-person ACT prep class. Remote students will be able to participate by following the presentation, working through drills, and asking questions just like the students sitting in the class.

Why a remote live class?

  • COVID-19: Some families do not feel comfortable having a student in an actual in-person class during the COVID-19 pandemic. The remote live class gives a student an option to learn without being exposed to other students.

  • Distance: Some students live to far from one of Jason’s in-person classes, but they would still want to train under Jason. The remote live class gives them that option.

  • Time: Sometimes a student is so busy with extra-curricular activities that they must guard every minute during the week. The remote live class requires less total time than an in-person class because drive time is eliminated.

  • Age: Some students are too young to drive and parents are too busy to get them to an in-person class. However, the student is academically motivated and ready to start training.

What are the major differences between Jason’s remote live class and online video class?

  • Accountability: The online video class sessions are pre-recorded and professionally edited, so students can work on the class whenever they want, allowing the student to set up their own schedule. The remote live class has a set schedule and Jason knows when the student is in the remote live class. Some students need that accountability.

  • One & Done: Like an in-person student, once a student participates in a remote live session that is it. The online video class allows a student to review sessions as much as they desire during their membership period.

  • Questions: Remote live class students can ask questions and immediately get a verbal response from Jason. Online video class students email Jason their questions (most online video class students do not have questions because of their ability to ‘rewind’ and review sessions when necessary).

  • Cost: Remote live class students pay the same fees as the in-person class students. The online video class programs are less expensive that in-person classes.