The Target: June ACT

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The June ACT test is now the most popular college admissions test date and is administered the second Saturday after Memorial Day.

There are many reasons why this date has become the most popular:

  • no seven-hour school day
  • no spring break
  • no Prom
  • no quizzes
  • no homework
  • no tests
  • no AP exams
  • no more school sports or other extra-curricular activities

Most students have a two-week window between the end of school and the June ACT test date, to focus on that test. It’s an ideal time prepare.

Every year, I am constantly amazed by how many of my students improve 3 or more points on the June ACT from their April ACT, even though there was less than a two-month gap between those test dates.

Those that take the June ACT will have their scores back by the middle of June and then they are ready to focus on college visits.

And, they get to enjoy the rest of their summer!

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