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What is the Test Information Release?

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  1. Parent/student orders the test information release (TIR) when registering for either the December, April, or June ACT test. If the test date has passed, the TIR can still be ordered from the ACT up to six months after the test date.

    In 2023 only, the TIR will be offered for the September ACT, not the December ACT.

  2. Email the TIR to
  3. Jason will analyze the TIR. This typically takes on hour.
  4. Once the TIR is analyzed, Jason will contact the student to set-up a time to meet either in-person or remote live. The meeting typically lasts about one hour.
  5. The fee for the analysis and meeting is $175.

You are welcome to email Jason if you have questions about the TIR analysis process.